Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Reflection Paper

HI, I’m am Jano, I’m going to write my reflection paper.
This semester I join a class - Computer Assisted Language Learning.
It’s very happy to learn a lot of computer knowledge, and meet some new friends in class.
OK, I’m going to start my reflection.

ActuallyI’m not really like to hold on a blog and write down all the thing a day happened, but over this semester I start to write some thing to record my everyday life maybe on paper maybe on the phone, and at night I got home I tape it on the computer and save it,or I publish on Instagram. 

And I know a lot of websites where can I search the data I need or more Correct that the key word I can search something I need Immediately.
It accelerate the search time and I can used the time to do more thing or faster to finish a report.
I like the report time on class, because on the time you can really relax to listen the reporter said The new knowledge or new uses and you also can learn something that you don’t no before, I think it’s a really happy way to study and learn things.

I really like the app - MyET.
I don’t know why, but MyET looks like it like my,too.
Because I just repeat one time and the system always give my 88 or 92 that high score.
And not only the English one also the Chinese and the Japanese.
Until now I will go to MyET to do some piratic and test myself that my language have advance or regress.

I’m feel it’s very worth to listen this class in this semester, I’ll keep learning English and computer knowledge.

Thank you teacher Sally and all classmate.

Chen Wei

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Have you heard about opencourseware before? or have you visited any of the opencourseware before? How do  you like it? Found anything useful or interesting to you? How could this help your learning. Please comments on it.

Monday, May 25, 2015

#5 Cameron Russell: Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model.

Today i’m going to say that the model - Cameron Russell’s speech:Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model.

she said she is a model.
 And a giant of people are very envy her.
so she answer  three question from the people who ask her the most.

1.How do you become a model?
Cameron Russell’s say"Oh, I was scouted,"but that means nothing.but she really wanted to say is that the reason he could become a model because he got the precious treasure of genetic-a good shape of body. but it not mean what,like the front she say”Image is powerful but also image is superficial”it is you but it can’t be all of you.

2.Do they retouch all the photos?
Of course! Cameron Russell said. She show two picture in the nearly time of her. Mean the people see it not the real person of Cameron Russell. You need to truly know the people you meet.that real her.

3.What is it like to be a model?
She said everybody wants to hear is that if I have longer leg that will be better…
But she said she isn’t that confident to herself,because you have to think a lot to what you wear? What you look like? Am I look fashion? Is anyone laughing at me?

The end ,Cameron Russell said “looks isn’t everything.” You have to confident yourself,and that all.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

#4 Three Story of Steve Jobs

This is a really good speech for all age to listen.

1.dots (n.) A minute or small spot on a surface
Snt: life are connect with a lots of dots.

2.adoption (n.) To accept the proposal of others
Snt: Sam adoption what I say that he should merried macy at HK.

3.expensive (abj.) need to cost a lot of money.
Snt: BMW is my lovest car but is really expensive also.

4.romantic (abj.) do something that others feels chill and happy
Snt: Mic is a romantic men, he always give me a unforgetness  surprise. 

5.Foolish (abj.) someone expression himself quiet Stupid

Snt: It had been fooolish to climb into the car with him.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

#3 A good broadcasting website-ESL podcast

Hi~  Goodnight everyone.
Today I’m going to introduce a good broadcasting website-ESL podcast.
It’s a wonderful web to learn English,because it’s free!!!!
NO~~~just kidding~~~, because it’s really good for practice English listening .
The speaker will say the radio twice, one for slow and one is normal speed.
And it’s have tow podcast for everyone to choose ,cell English cafe and ESL podcast.
almost one to two days we’ll got [the new version] paper, and it about 10 min, and it’s very news for the people who seen.
You call listen it all bay you want.
I like this  broadcasting website, because it can connect to iTunes.
so if I want to play less and listen more,Then you can come up to hear what’s the teacher says.
have fun.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

#2 Walking or cycling to work 'improves well-being'

Today i'm going  to introduce an essay, choose five Word and write the meaning.
Let's go


1.transport 運輸 n.
when people or goods are moved from one place to another
ex. You can transport your baggage by air or sea.

2. positive 積極 adj.
hopeful and confident, or giving cause for hope and confidence
ex. Sam is a positive person, he will do everything to his best.

3.nearly 將近 adv.
almost, or not completely
ex. Taiwan has a population of nearly 23 million

4.sleepless nights 睡不好的夜晚 adj.
not able to sleep
ex. If i argue with my girlfriend, i'll have sleepless nights

5.considerable 可觀 adj.
large or of noticeable importance
ex. If I won the lottery, I would get a considerable amount of money.

Last time have some one ask my which kind of Dictionary I'd like
it is the one have more then two language and it get some picture,

so the book will be more colorful.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

#1 hello!!!


I am Chen Wei, 20 years old .I come from Hsinchu, Taiwan, a wonderful small city, and I graduated from the National Hsinchu commercial vocational school.

Now, I am trying my best to get a good grade in National Taipei University of Business. Generally speaking, I am a hard working student especially in doing things. In which I am interested. I will try my best to finish it no matter how difficult it is going to be. At the same time, I am also a PR in my school's dance club, and service at the student union.

Well, in my spare time, I like to play EDM music, reading movie magazine and danceing with my crew, Also playing DJ is my favorite. I often go to a DJ music studio to practice my skill. In weekends, I often go to flea market to sell me little stuff and some clothe, so I can get some money to eat some good food.